An analysis of rick james song super freak

Although it is hard to pin point exactly what effects and equipment were used during the production and mixing stages of Super freak, I noticed traces of reverb used on the vocals and synth parts.

An article I found mentioned that classic George Clinton and Rodger Troutman funk clap was achieved by using Tape machines. To enhance this change in arrangement the alternate synth part is played during this section.

Although I got the general gist about tuning the snare bottoms I plan to explore this even further to achieve the specific sounds I am after and to become an expert on what is required. He created the bass first then added guitar and keyboard. I felt like I dealt with this role reasonably well though some of the technical info went over my head but I was learning.

Other instruments heard are the piano stabs, crash cymbals and same bass melody with a few extra rhythmic notes. After the 8th bar there is a saxophone solo. The section that stood out and really builds in energy is the pre chorus where cymbals crash and Rick James builds up energy with his vocal delivery leading into the chorus.

He may have however used another drummer along with a saxophone player. Also adding a little padding to dampen the boom. For the overheads we used 2 pairs of Neumann TLM condenser mics. When tracking the drums for our sound- a- like project one thing I noticed was the use of panning in this song.

This was also very evident in the delivery of his own vocals particularly in the pre chorus parts. Rick James is accompanied with harmonies from the Temptations. There is also a call and response harmony sang by Rick James and the Temptations. Retrieved 27 Marchfrom https: A lot like the Transpose feature in Ableton.

Another effect used during the second verse with the call and response vocals was a George clinton P-Funk effect created by speeding up and slowing down the tape machine. Apparently another method to achieve this result is to put the mic halfway inside the bass drum.

Super Freak

Due to a few members not being available our roles doubled giving me the duty of Microphones and Patch Bay operations.

The Sennheiser e kick drum mic was positioned on the outside of the bass drum close up to the skin. Super freak was co written and produced by Rick James and Alonzo Miller.

The song feels like it was recorded with a band together jamming out all the written parts. I found it important to go with the flow as much as possible, drawing on my past patch bay experience whilst getting my head around newer information. During the 8th bar of the verse the flexatone is struck adding flavour and marking the half way point of the 16 bars.

After the 16 bars there is a change in the verse introducing an extra synth part. The synth parts and piano are not included in the pre chorus. I found that the change in dynamics are not obvious throughout Super Freak. The 3rd verse follows straight after the hook only this time the verse is cut after the 8th Bar.

For the second chorus the bass, synth,drums, piano chord stabs and lead vocals can be heard. Our very skilled session drummer ran through the process of tuning the snare drum. The second verse is similar to the first verse for 8 bars utilising the bass piano stabs and striking the flexatone included during the verse and on the 8th bar.

The sax solo playing for 14 bars in total is also the part used to outro the song fading out by about the 14th bar. Having a track dedicated for the original reference track is essential for sound a like projects.

Rick wanted to write a silly song ,came up with a lick and elaborated on it with vocals. Rick James — Super Freak Part. When we get to the stage of adding the claps to the snare it will glue the drums together making them sound closer to the original.

Instruments used in the verse are bass, piano chops, drums, crash cymbals and again the flexatone is struck on the 8th bar. I decided to participate in this role. We were after a damp snappy sounding snare hit. Having this as an option could add an extra effect and ambience to the drums. This way we could compare the recorded performance to the original as well as hearing the recorded drums by them selves.Complete song listing of Rick James on Sales Free Shipping on Orders $50+ Order by Phone Rick James Songs List Overview Biography Songs Similar Artists Vinyl CDs DVDs Books.

Rick James. Overview; Super Freak; Song previews provided courtesy of iTunes The Definitive Collection. Released in $ “Super Freak” is a hit single produced and performed by Rick James. The song, co-written by James and Alonzo Miller, was first released on James' album “ Street Songs ”.

Rick James’ recording of "Super Freak" keeps this complicated tune on course with a punchy arrangement that maintains maximum drive: the rhythm section punches out an infectious groove that bounces high and low while James engages in dueling vocals with a group of backup vocalists that includes the Temptations.

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"Super Freak" was released about five months after MTV went on the air, and Rick James made a slick video for the song hoping it would get some spins on the network.

At the time, however, MTV refused.

Rick James ‘Super Freak’ Analysis & Drum Recording Session Download
An analysis of rick james song super freak
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