An overview of the male reproductive system

For example, if the thyroid gland has secreted the right amount of thyroid hormones into the blood, the pituitary gland senses the normal levels of thyroid hormone in the bloodstream. During this phase, the following events occur: The cause of the blood loss may be overt, eg, trauma.

View Media Gallery Mons pubis The mons pubis is the rounded portion of the vulva where sexual hair development occurs at the time of puberty. A female urethra ranges in length from 3.

They produce eggs and secrete the female hormones estrogen pronounced: The cervix develops thick mucous which effectively closes the cervical canal from the vagina.

Follicular phase The follicular phase is the beginning of the menstrual cycle.

Your Guide to the Female Reproductive System

The ovarian artery and vein enter and exit the ovary at the hilum. The sperm gets pushed through the penis, where they are introduced into the tail end of its copulatory partner.

It is innervated by the dorsal nerve of the clitoris, a terminal branch of the pudendal nerve. OH-vuh-reezare located in her pelvis. Lymphatic drainage of the ovary is primarily to the lateral aortic nodes; however, the iliac nodes may also be involved.

In the absence of fertilization, by about 12 days after ovulation, the corpus luteum begins to degenerate, hormone levels fall, and the corpus luteum becomes nonfunctional. The infundibulum gives rise to the fimbriae, fingerlike projections that are responsible for catching the egg that is released by the ovary.

They vary in size and distribution from female to female, and the size is dependent upon adipose content.

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Together with the bursa tract and bursa copulatrix these form the spermatophore-receiving organ, which digest sperm and spermatophores.

Risk of depressive episodes with rimonabant: The outer opening of the reproductive system is called the "genital pore"; it is positioned on the right hand side, very close to the head of the animal. The signs and symptoms of the disease depend on which pituitary hormones are affected.

If it produces too little, a teen may be unusually short. These spherical, nonmobile cells contain 23 chromosomes characteristic of human reproductive cells.

Without enough insulin to keep glucose moving through the metabolic process, the blood glucose level rises too high. The ovulatory phase is the midpoint of the menstrual cycle, with the next menstrual period starting about two weeks later.

An opening in the cervix allows for the passage of sperm into the uterus and the exit of menstrual blood. Ohno-Shosaku T, Kano M. Questions might include duration of clinical signs, history of exposure to toxins eg, rodenticides, heavy metals, toxic plantsdrug treatments, vaccinations, travel history, and any prior illnesses.

Most cell changes are picked up during a Papanicolaou smearthe screening test for cervical cancer. The adrenal medulla also secretes norepinephrine, but this hormone is more related to maintaining normal activities as opposed to emergency reactions. The role of sex steroid hormones, cytokines and the endocannabinoid system in female fertility.

Anemia is classified as regenerative or nonregenerative.Sep 14,  · The female reproductive system is a complicated but fascinating subject. It has the capability to function intimately with nearly every other body system for the purpose of reproduction.

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Explore the anatomy systems of the human body! Male reproductive system terms Orchid/o, test/o Testes (male gonad) * Orchiditis, orchidectomy, testicular artery, testosterone (male sex hormone) Balan/o Head of.

The introductory chapter includes a discussion of the female and male reproductive systems, with an emphasis on the oocyte and primordial follicle.

Overview of the Female Reproductive System - Explore from the Merck Manuals - Medical Consumer Version.

An overview of the male reproductive system
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