Compare the 1st and 2nd great awakening essay

Only then could the individual trust that the experience was real. This phase of the awakening stressed the danger posed to youth by imported or innovative ideas and movements, offering revivals themselves as the antidote to the specter of national degeneration. The s—90s were a low point in religious adherence and belief in the United States, with enlightened deism influential among elites; churches and personal morals disrupted by war; and politics, commerce, and westward migration competing with religion for popular interest.

The Second Great Awakening is characterized by its stressing Arminianism rather than Calvinism, and its encouragement of revivalistic and democratic theology, which were seen to be essential ingredients in the shaping of American Protestantism.

There was a growing concern that we were moving away from religious-based ideas. For Unitarianism, God is based on a human being but not a Holy Trinity.

First And Second Great Awakening Essay

The causes of religious revivals are impossible to specify, though contributing factors can be identified. Undermined older clergy and no need for education to become a preacher. Methodist and Baptist groups experienced a surge of membership without delaying a move toward laissez-faire and competitiveness on the part of the Anglican, Presbyterian and Congregationalist churches.

Old World sacramental decorum was traded for the boisterous, uninhibited expressions of the frontier.

What they did effect was a revolution in how churches operated in a diverse, democratic society.

The Second Great Awakening

The First united the country it was the first cause that swept through all of America. Temperance associations were established in New York and Massachusetts with the help of churches.

Princeton University Press, ; Tracy, Joseph. The energies it unleashed left an even deeper impression on the United States than the first and is seen by some historians as the beginning of modern revivalism. In New England, descendants of the Puritans were conscious of having fallen away from the severe moralism and intense religious devotion of their forefathers, seizing instead the new economic opportunities offered by the expanding Atlantic market.

Many converted souls, reorganization of churches, new sects appeared Mormons, Adventists. The most popular activity durning the Second Great Awakening is camp meeting. Work was seen as way to reform criminals.

Documents on the Revival of Religion, — Based on the Second Great Awakening, people came to comp meeting, and started to sing together.

Some people felt that we were becoming too materialistic. Their successes moved many people to great feats of Christian service. They used their loudest voice and shaking arms for beats. The Great Awakening led to some new beliefs that emphasized equality.

Slaves and free blacks converted in significant numbers for the first time, altering southern religious styles in the process.

Conversion And George Whitefield Conversion had always been a church and community affair.Get an answer for 'What are some similarities and differences between the Great Awakening and the Age of Enlightenment?' and find homework help for other History questions at eNotes.

1st Great Awakening Compare & Contrast the 1st and 2nd G.A.

Second Great Awakening

Mormon Religion Started when Joseph Smith had a testimony stating that an angel named "Moroni" had visited him, leading him to ancient plates which said the American Indians were descended from immigrants from Jerusalem.

Category: Compare History Religion; Title: Informative - Comparisons Of The First And Second Great Awakenings.

My Account. Divine Rescue: A Pathway Forged by the First Great Awakening Essay - “Walking with God is like a spiritual roller coaster.” Statements like this unrealistically express the experience people have in the “highs and.

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Order now The antebellum market revolution and Second Great Awakening, together positively impacted the role of white women in society, work, and in family. These women reaped the benefits of a market economy in their .

Compare the 1st and 2nd great awakening essay
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