Dance contract for school dp

Figure out a way to make your top faculty involved in growing the business, including helping with social media. While a contract does not guarantee your employees will stay, it can strongly encourage your employees to fulfill their commitment to your company.

Gossiping will not be tolerated amongst the students and or parents, or about other students and or parents within SPDC. Will not start a competing studio within "x" amount of months. Will not recruit students from your studio.

Sick Policy What responsibilities the teacher has if sick when they should notify you by, if they should attempt to find a sub, etc.

All students are to respect professional decisions and do what is asked of them. Clark Your faculty is your most important asset. Having expectations written in a contract helps to not only define your rules, but also outlines the benefits of staying with your studio.

This money will also help you find a new employee and pay for emergency subs. Ballet classes must be made up if more than 2 are missed.

Contract or Agreement for Dance Lessons

Vacation Allowance How many days or weeks you will allow vacation for your employee and how far in advance they must notify you. This Dance contract for school dp in person, on phone, and on the internet.

All Competition Students and their parents will be expected to both read and sign this Competition Guideline page before committing to the SPDC program.

Do you plan to pay in cash or check? While representing SPDC, students and parents are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times to everyone they are in contact with. During competition, whether we win or lose, we are expected to have a winning attitude. Dress Code If your studio has a teacher dress code, include it in the contract.

Des Plaines School of Dance

Wage The pay rate is the rate at which your employee agrees to work for, including: Can they help guide curriculum? Remember, the contract is not just to protect you, but potentially, to encourage employees to work at their top performance.

What to Include in Dance Teacher Contracts Having a semester or year long contract with your employees can save you the panic and headache of finding a teacher mid semester.

Social Media It is a good idea to put in a clause about your restrictions on social media. Ballet is crucial to the success of a competition dancer. Can this person help YOU make good business decisions? Can that be their class where they are in charge of growing enrollment? You can always make exceptions to contracts if necessary, however, having your employees agree to certain policy will make the workings of the studio clear to your teachers and give you written documentation that can protect against harmful employee behavior.

Free Dance Studio Forms and Templates

All students and parents understand that Miss Katie has the Final say about placement and all other matters concerning SPDC and competitions. You must inform Miss Katie prior to class for any absence, including illness.

Will not start a competing studio within "x" miles from your location. Potential annual raises, or bonuses based on performance, retaining and bringing in new students should be included and emphasized. Non-compete clause Limits to include: Gossiping will not be tolerated amongst the students and or parents about other dance studios or competitors.

Give a bonus for creating a new class with new students. Disrespecting a faculty member or another student or being discourteous to a fellow student is grounds for disciplinary action that may result in probation, suspension or being asked to leave the studio permanently.

Another idea is to lower the early termination fee if they give you two weeks notice, encouraging them to be upfront with you if they have to leave. Consequence for Early Termination Sometimes teachers have to leave the studio and their contract early.

Having an environment that promotes growth, security and involvement might be your best protection against teacher defection.

However, if there are no consequences for leaving the studio before their contract ends, they may run out on you mid year without giving you a two weeks notice. Will you pay them weekly, bi weekly, or monthly? Start and End Date The date your employee will begin working for you and how long they will stay on your team you can always renew contracts.

Reserving the Right To Terminate the Employee In this section you reserve the right to fire your employee for misconduct.* At least 1 summer session & dance camp or 2 summer sessions must be attended in the forms of dance you compete in along with ballet* * Mandatory production (class 1x per month- no charge)* * Must take part in holiday performance & recital*.

Contracts. This form is an agreement with an individual to give a student dance lessons on a regular (e.g., weekly) basis for a limited period of time during a certain academic semester. only exceptions requested in writing at the time this contract is signed in the first week of october will be considered (this is intended to accommodate performance team members who are enrolled in high school).

Free dance studio forms and templates available for download. We know that not everyone is ready for a dance studio software. Even if it is the world's best. We still want to help. What to Include in Dance Teacher Contracts.

Dance School Dropout Tips to Increase STUDENT RETENTION! Importance of your dance instructors First impressions count! Design Is it time for a new website? A New Website Can Help You Grow Enrollment. DANCE TEAM CODE OF CONDUCT CONTRACT PURPOSE: The purpose of the Dance Team at Harrison Jr/Sr High School is to provide students with an opportunity to participate in an activity and develop sportsmanship, character, and competitiveness.

Dance contract for school dp
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