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National flags were hoisted on all public and private buildings. The Quran is guidance for the whole humanity.

But the situation is worst at Karachi and with the passage of time the duration of load shedding has greatly increased. There is also a trend in many homes to decorate their houses with flags and paper flags and from adults to children everyone participates in doing the decorations.

Before the 23rd March, the creation of a Pakistan was an idea that was subjected to ridicule and opposition by the Hindus and the British, and even Muslims and their leaders were pursuing conflicted interests to secure political gains for the Muslims.

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The president and prime minister took the salute of the parade. Its teachings are practically rational. Essay on Pakistan Day Celebration 23 March in English There are also military and civil parades organized by the armed and civil forces on this well reputed days to entertain the people.

They do not have regular classes on this day which allows them to have free time off due to which children look forward to the Independence Day.

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Such is the spirit of the people of Pakistan as patriotism runs in their veins. Parade held in early morning and after this parade president of Pakistan usually speech to his listeners.

It is most often read and memorized and the most influential book in the world from literary point of view. It prompts man to be practical in his daily life.

It offers guidance to those who seek it. It is necessary that people of the country pay tribute to their heroes as it was only their efforts which allowed them to have an independent nation. Children also enjoy this day to the fullest.

Holy Quran is the book which gives me guidance about both the worlds. During the darkness the criminals get a free hand and there is an alarming increase in crimes during load shedding. Chiefs of army staffs and other officers also attend this ceremony. It is essentially a code of human conduct.

Pakistan Day Celebration

President of Pakistan and chief minister of Pakistan usually attend this ceremony along with chief guests and cabinet ministers. A change of guard ceremony is conducted on the national monuments of the country including the mausoleum of Muhammad Ali Jinnah the founder of Pakistan and at the Mausoleum of Allama Iqbal who was also the father of the ideology of Pakistan.

But after the powerful speech of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the Muslims were awakened from their reveries, and the fire for independence was ignited in their hearts. We can get physical as well as spiritual guidance from it. It tells us what reward we can get if we do good deeds.

However, the efforts made by people like Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan made sure that their sacrifices did not go in vain and they were able to provide the Muslims an independent homeland.

Radios and television channels aired special programmes including talk shows. Many people also use this opportunity to meet up with relatives and give gifts to their loved ones.

The people of Pakistan also remember and pay tribute to those who dedicated their lives to earn freedom for them. The day dawned with 31 gun salute in federal capital Islamabad and 21 gun salutes in provincial capitals.

Independency day for any country is like a festival and the people of Pakistan celebrate this festival with enthusiasm and joy. Pakistan Day Celebration Pakistan day celebrations.´╗┐Pakistan day celebrations.

Pakistan day is observed on 23rd march every year. It is an important day in the history of Pakistan. The Muslims of India demanded a separate homeland for themselves through a resolution called Pakistan resolution or Lahore resolution, This year also we celebrated Pakistan day with traditional zeal and fervor and renewed a pledge to make the country strong.

Pakistan Day Celebration 14th August The date 14th of august from calendar marks as a day of happiness and celebration in south Asia sub-continanetal. it is celebrated as the independence day of Pakistan, which known as one of the biggest Muslim state of the world.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on 23Rd March Pakistan Day Celebration. Best 23 March Pakistan Resolution Day Speech in English urdu quotes and essay on wikipedia. Latest essay on pakistan day celebration 23 march celebration essay speech in English on 23 march in english for children.

Free Essays on Pakistan Day Celebration. Get help with your writing. 1 through Pakistan day celebrations. Pakistan day is observed on 23rd march every year. It is an important day in the history of Pakistan.

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