Element mercury

Mercury forms useful compounds with other elements. Mercury reacts with solid sulfur flakes, which are used in mercury spill kits to absorb mercury spill kits also use activated carbon and powdered zinc. Hauben, The derivations of the names of the elements, J.

Mercury arc rectifiers were Element mercury the most efficient devices to convert alternating current to direct current. Spill kits also use activated charcoal and powdered zinc.

Amalgams are used to help extract gold from its ores, create dental fillings in the case of silver and help extend the life of dry cell Element mercury in the case of zinc and cadmium.

It reacts with chlorine to give mercuric chloride, which resists further oxidation. Elements known to the alchemists.

Mercury (element)

Chinese emperors used mercury to prolong their lives 3 — although in all probability it had the opposite effect. Mercury is used in sphygmomanometers. Dentistry Elemental mercury is the main ingredient in dental amalgams.

Gaseous mercury is used in fluorescent lampsmercury-vapor lamps, and some "neon sign" type advertising signs. Mercurous chloride Hg2Cl2also called calomel, is an antiseptic used to kill bacteria. Mercury is used in some thermometersespecially those used to measure high temperatures.

It is found either as a native metal rare or in cinnabarmetacinnabar, corderoitelivingstonite and other mineralswith cinnabar HgS being the most common ore. All four mercuric halides are known. Mercury easily forms alloys with other metals, such as goldsilverzinc and cadmium. Elemental mercury, a liquid at room temperature, is 13 times denser than water.

Compounds The most important salts of mercury are: Notable characteristics Did you know? Its ease in amalgamating with metals is made use of in extracting gold, silver, and platinum from their ores. These devices became obsolete in the s, with the development of high-voltage solid state devices.

The ASDS disbanded in Mercury even reacts with solid sulfur flakes, which are used in mercury spill kits to absorb mercury vapors. In Lamanaionce a major city of the Maya civilizationa pool of mercury was found under a marker in a Mesoamerican ballcourt.

As it does not amalgamate with ironmercury is often stored in iron containers. Compared to other metals, it is a poor conductor of heat, but a fair conductor of electricity.

Mercury was once used as a gun barrel bore cleaner.

Mercury Element Facts

He believed all metals were based on mercury mixed in different proportions and different purities with sulfur. The absence of a filled inner f shell is the reason for the somewhat higher melting temperature of cadmium and zincalthough both these metals still melt easily and, in addition, have unusually low boiling points.

The psychological symptoms associated with mercury poisoning may have inspired the phrase "mad as a hatter. The resulting mercury vapor is condensed to collect the liquid metal. Mercury was once used in the amalgamation process of refining gold and silver ores. The madness of many millionaires was blamed on the extensive use of mercuric nitrate in the hat industry and the phrase mad as a hatter was coined.

The chemical element mercury is the only metal that is liquid at standard conditions for temperature and pressure In the periodic tablemercury is located in period 6, between gold and thallium.

Petersburg, Russia obtained solid mercury by freezing a mercury thermometer in a mixture of snow and concentrated nitric acid. This provided strong evidence that mercury had properties similar to other metals.

The coefficient of volume expansion is They usually have the formula HgR2, which are often volatile, or HgRX, which are often solids, where R is aryl or alkyl and X is usually halide or acetate.

Others metals that are liquid near room temperature are galliumfrancium and cesium.Mercury looks pretty, in its shiny, fast-moving liquid form, but don't touch! It can be extremely poisonous to humans. The symbol Hg that mercury is known by comes from its Greek name, hydrargyrum, which means "liquid silver" — to reflect its shiny surface.

The element is also known as quicksilver for its mobility. Wamery Water Filter Replacement 3-Pack. Fits and Brita's Pitcher.

Ionizer and Purifier Cartridge System. NSF ANSI Certified. Reduce Chloride, Hard Metals from. Mercury forms useful compounds with other elements.

Mercuric chloride (HgCl 2) is a very poisonous salt and was once used to disinfect wounds. Mercurous chloride (Hg 2 Cl 2), also called calomel, is an antiseptic used to kill bacteria.

Mercuric sulfide (HgS) is used to make a red paint pigment called vermilion. Mercury, also called quicksilver, is a chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol Hg and atomic number Cinnabar (aka vermilion, mercury sulfide, HgS), was used as a bright red pigment by the Palaeolithic painters of 30, years ago to decorate caves in Spain and France.

Cinnabar would yield up its mercury simply on heating in a crucible, and the metal fascinated people because it was a liquid that would dissolve gold. Facts Date of Discovery: Known to the ancients Discoverer: Unknown Name Origin: After the planet Mercury Symbol Origin: From the Latin word hydrargyrum (liquid silver) Uses: thermometers, barometers, fluorescent lamps, batteries Obtained From: cinnabar ore Related Links None available.

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Element mercury
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