Fail coursework and/or examination ungraded

Assessment requirements mean the combination of assessment tasks, the timing of assessment tasks, the outputs to be submitted for assessment, and the conditions for assessment that must be undertaken to ensure that the learning objectives and requirements of a subject have been met.

Students not located close to a campus can post or courier their theses to the Graduate Research School. Open-book Fail coursework and/or examination ungraded means an assessment task in which students are permitted to use any printed materials including notes and textbooks and to annotate, tag or otherwise organise them for easy access.

Results and grades 1. Authentic assessments focus on students developing and applying knowledge and skills through meaningful, practice-oriented assessment tasks.

Withholding of Grades Assessment strategy at UTS 4. A thesis may comprise a creative work and exegesis. If, in the event of overseas examination, the completion of marking and assessment falls outside the normal time period, provision of final grades for awards or Academic Standing will be deferred.

Candidates must comply with the Examination Rules, copies of which are available from Assessment Services, Student Administration, and from the University website.

Cases based on calculation errors within the original marking of the course work should be forwarded to the course coordinator.

All other assessments are not eligible for Aegrotat and Impaired Performance and must be referred to the course co-ordinator for consideration. Marking means the process of assigning an assessment score or grade to a piece of work produced, performed or submitted by a student according to information provided in the subject outline, using academic judgement.

They include but are not limited to student presentations, literature reviews, laboratory reports, essays, creative works, group assessment, peer assessment, self-assessment, computer-based assessment, oral examinations, class quizzes, reflections, experiential activities, simulations, clinical experiences, practical exercises, performances, folio presentations and class participation, examinations.

Results key

For coursework to be eligible for re-marking it must: The approved health professional must have assessed the student at the earliest practicable opportunity but no later than seven days from the date of the assessment or examination activity for which Aegrotat or Impaired Performance consideration is sought.

Marking, feedback, grades and results 4. Continuing enrolment Re-marking of Assessed Course work 4. Impaired Performance Consideration o Subject to clauses 13 a to i above, students who consider that their performance in, or preparation for, any assessment or examination activity, where such activity is at a fixed time and place as defined in the Course Guide, has been impaired due to illness, injury, or Critical Personal Circumstances may apply for Impaired Performance consideration.

Responsible Academic Officers, subject coordinators and appointed assessors are responsible for the implementation of this Policy within the faculties.Chronology - Ungraded Passes and Ungraded Fails July Board of Coursework Studies: considered a revised University Policy on Ungraded Passes and Ungraded Fails raised concerns in that the policy, which excludes Ungraded Pass units in the ungraded pass / ungraded fail units in the GPA calculation had not been directly.

Result code Meaning; CE: Joint Course/Complimentary Enrolment (result issued by other institution) E: Supplementary examination assessment to be completed (An E grade must be converted to a final result within one semester and prior to the commencement of the following academic year, otherwise the assessment automatically lapses to a Fail.).

UP Ungraded Pass used when pass or fail are the only possible outcomes for the unit UN Ungraded Fail used when pass or fail are the only possible outcomes for the unit PC Pass Conceded a grade that may be awarded by the relevant Faculty Committee for one unit in any course to enable a student to.

UNGRADED indicates a standard below that required for Grade G(g). My grades are not as I was expecting, what should I do? If you believe that your exam results are incorrect, you should talk to your teacher. Grade codes explained.

What does each grade code mean? Pre - AB - Absent - Deemed Failed Supplementary Examination Granted. UF - Ungraded Fail. UP - Ungraded Pass. WD - Withdrawn without penalty. - WAM is your weighted average mark for the whole course based on your current achievement.

WAM will only appear. Coursework Assessments Policy Purpose. Scope. Principles.

Policy statements. Policy ownership and support Policy statements. This Policy is drafted to support section 8, Fail – Ungraded subjects. Pass or Fail .

Fail coursework and/or examination ungraded
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