French educational system compared to the american system essay

Students In many ways, French students and American students are similar. The teachers are not required to be at school except for their classroom teaching time— planning, marking, etc. This leads to nothing good. Of COURSE there are many American students who are self-motivated and driven; I have also had the privilege of teaching numerous students with fantastic attitudes toward education, regardless of the external reward.

There is a department called la vie scolaire "school life" that takes care of discipline issues along with attendance, etc before the administrators have to get involved.

There is not quite as much pedagogical training as in other anglophone countries— much is learned on the job. Most teachers are not trained in how to differentiate or accommodate for those students in my experience.

Based on test scores, kids begin to get funneled into technical or college preparatory schools by middle school. It is also more common for dormitories to be self-catered in the UK, while the US normally provides a range of full dining options for its students.

Time to move to France, mes amis professeurs?! But again, these are generalizations. Not all the time obviously, but enough so that the students and teachers are aware of their presence. However, regardless of the level of formality the teacher uses with her students, the relationship is still more distant than that between an American teacher and her students.

There are optional music classes somewhere, I think, but there is no choir, band, theater, etc. A full time load for high school English teachers in France is 18 hours per week in the public sector, and 15 if you pass an even more complicated exam.

UK vs. USA Education System

So you think you can France? By the end, none of the other students would look at her, nor would anyone speak to her that first day. Spaghetti straps are not a problem, but religious jewelry cannot be worn this means cross necklaces and earrings, Jewish headwear or Stars of David, etc.

They are roughly equivalent, although in the UK it is more normal to have a bedroom by yourself, whereas in the USyou may very well share a bedroom with at least one other person. Will someone have stolen the speakers for another classroom?! Courses of study are shorter in the UK because the course programs are generally much more focused than in the US.

Rather than applying to the central university admissions department, like you do in the US, you either apply directly to the college of the subject you want to study, or in the case of undergraduate programs, you apply through a centralized system which allows you to apply to several colleges at once.

A good administrative team in the States will be visible in the school, walk around, observe classes, parole the hallways, etc.How many people believe that Ebonics is a legitimate language that should not be compared to standard English.

Most of you are probably wondering why I am interested in Ebonics. The American Educational System In "Keeping Close to Home: Class and Education," bell hooks suggests that the American educational system forces individuals to hide.

France and the United States have numerous striking differences and tastes in almost all cultural aspects. The French education system has been criticized globally by scholars and experts in various career fields for its failure to provide a flexible, all-round education.

Feb 19,  · French Schools vs. American Schools As I'm nearing the end of my contract ( weeks of work left, WHAT?!), I realized it's high time I do a comparison on schools in France and the States.

(compared to the possible 25 minute lunches in the States), (the way you describe French school system, the classrooms, administrators. Noticeable Differences Between French and American Public Schools.

32 thoughts on “ Noticeable Differences Between French and American Public Schools ” Jon P says: June 23, at PM The American system is the same game, but the rules and scoring are.

American and French Grade Level Comparison Student Age (Approximative) American Grade Level French Grade Level Subject Matter NOTES Prior to six years of age years of age: ELEMENTARY EDUCATION 6 years of age 7 years of age 8 years of age 9 years of.

UK vs. USA Education System; UK vs. USA Education System.

Noticeable Differences Between French and American Public Schools

In this article, we will explore the primary differences between the American and British systems of education. Length of Time. French Loving and Paris Kisses - A Parisian Travelogue; An Exchange Student at 17.

French educational system compared to the american system essay
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