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Visibility It is also true that in the 21st century the passenger expects full choice at their fingertips, and transparency in everything they do.

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Cabins will also undergo change as airlines continue to improve the ergonomics for better-utilised space, with more bars onboard, offering more freedom and choice in a bid to improve the passenger experience.

For example, our SkyTrack and SkyLoad solutions greatly help both the airline and crew. For over 50 years, IFSA Frog s leap winery competitive been focused on furthering the airline onboard and catering industry through our work with the European Union and deep relationships with other government institutions worldwide.

As a result, each rail operator will need to reassess and re-evaluate its strategic positioning in a decidedly more competitive marketplace. We needed a company that was familiar with the scale and complexity of our operation and was capable of delivering the service.

Acting for more than five decades as the leading global onboard and catering organisation, IFSA works to identify challenges, and is committed to providing solutions for members and the industry as a whole.

Simplified catering codes and standardised labelling would also increase transparency. My regular customers began to ask if they could come with me on my culinary ventures and this has now become a reality by working as an ambassador for river cruise specialist, APT.

Caterers are becoming more visible and have to take control of their own destiny. There are too many providers doing the same thing for a market that is not limitless. Many of our popular features will return in Balanced wines, without too much oak, overripe fruit or excessive alcohol, are also less tiring and more food-friendly.

It is time for the buy-on-board airline menus to up their game as they are seriously falling behind in this area. At the same time, there is increased scope for product differentiation between operators themselves, enabling distinct brand characteristics to be channeled through the products and services offered.

We are also in the process of rebranding all the Alpha in Australia facilities to the dnata name. We just have to ensure we extend our network at a sustainable pace. This is mainly for societal reasons, but cost management is difficult and revenues variable. As a result airlines are loosing sales, as customers are buying before they get onboard believing they have no real alternative options.

Tapping into retail trends Paula Wines has joined Galileo Watermark to strengthen its amenities team. Travellers from the younger generations, including millennials and Generation X, are embracing cruise travel more than ever before, meaning that we have a new group of passengers with different expectations to satisfy.

We are looking forward to attending to see what new products and ideas we can implement in our business as well as learning about forthcoming trends that may also impact the cruise industry. We chose Tourvest as our retail technology partner as it already delivers our inflight logistics.

We have also been running cooperative workshops to better understand client needs and challenges, and engaging in an open forum to find solutions, even ahead of a specific demand fully emerging. Technology will be a strong driver for the industry in the coming years, transforming the passenger experience.

While there will always be a strong market for airline catering and culinary excellence for long-haul operations, we see a clear trend towards significant and steady growth in onboard retail in mid- and long-haul operation.

Shifting concepts The development of Premium Economy is another one of those shifts in concepts that is changing the industry. At Gate Gourmet we aim to create meals with atmosphere. Thus, the presence of another organisation with common goals will only result in greater support for issues, regulations and interests impacting our members, and the advancement of the inflight food, beverage and service industry worldwide.

Rail growth We see the rail market as one of the growth areas for our business, especially in Europe. At any moment,passengers are flying above our heads, and with inflight connectivity we are now able to interact in real time with this population offering brands, services and targetted offers onboard.

Aussie rules Australia is currently a dynamic and exciting market. There is new money coming into the market, lots of exciting change and some great opportunities. The Instagram and social media generation are constantly looking for something to snap and share so food that instantly makes you smile thanks to finishing flourishes and a little pizzazz are real winners onboard.

Wines that are well made and harmonious tend to taste better in the air. Award winning Passengers simply connect to the onboard wifi to access all of the connected services via a standardised user interface that can reflect the corporate design of each airline.

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That barrier has now been solved at most bigger carriers. Our solution is Inflight Shoppertainment. James McIntyre tells us why onboard suppliers need to wise up to the value of the cruise market The global cruise market is growing at a phenomenal pace.

There are some amazing materials and technologies coming through that can really boost comfort, such as foams with various density and firmness at different points, so that the seat provides comfort and support where it matters.

In the future the airline plans to offer more milk alternatives and vegan options too. Gone are the days of the carving trolleys onboard but a little garnish or extra attention to detail — be it bubble tea, popping candy or edible flower — can give the airline offer an edge.Peter Rebelo Coelho, LSG Group, talks rail.

The rail market in Europe is set to open up in As a result, each rail operator will need to reassess and re-evaluate its strategic positioning in a decidedly more competitive marketplace. CSRwire Members include Corporations, NGOs, Agencies, Universities and Organizations interested in communicating their corporate citizenship, sustainability, philanthropy and socially responsible initiatives to CSRwire’s global audience and participating in our influential member community.

Frog s leap winery competitive
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