Invasive species essay question

These high populations can out-compete, displace or kill native species or can reduce wildlife food and habitat. Other invasive species cause massive amounts of economic damage to the agricultural business by destroying crops and contaminating produce.

Invasive Species

Why are the species on this website of concern to North America? Spread the word; tell your neighbors if you see invasive species on their land. Most of the species listed in this website are not native to North America.

How do invasive species get here? Invasive species are introduced through many means. It is important to educate yourself and keep up to date on the status of these and other pests. Invasive organisms can easily be transported on living plants or fresh products such as fruit.

Some also have the potential to disrupt vital ecosystem functions, such as water flow, nutrient cycling, or soil decomposition. These resources have information on how to identify and control exotic pests that have already been introduced.

What type of harm does an invasive species do? What can I do to fight these exotic pests? Pests can damage plants in many different ways. The type of damage can be diagnostic in the identification of the pest. Accidental introductions are usually the result of contaminated freight or movement of contaminated wood products including shipping pallets, bracing and other dunnageplants, or food products.

Once introduced, some of these species escape their enclosures or cultivation and can become established as viable populations. Many pests can be found in recently killed plant material including firewood, lumber, and wooden packing material.

Avoiding the long range movement of these materials is a simple way to slow the spread of pests. Resources are available through your local extension office and on the web at www. Intentional introductions have often been for agricultural or ornamental purposes.

Since invasive species are in a new environment, free from natural predators, parasites, or competitors, they often develop large population sizes very rapidly. Report any occurrence of invasive species to your local county extension agent, state forestry agency, or to other federal or state natural resource or agricultural agencies.question 1 of 3.

To be considered an invasive species by the United States federal government, a species must be: About This Quiz & Worksheet. Invasive species is the term used to describe non. Detect invasive species shortly after they have created infestations | Incorrect Study the problem for a few more years Try to eradicate the most widespread invaders.

Frequently Asked Questions about Invasive Species

Free invasive species papers, essays, and research papers. Austral Ecology () 29, – An Essay on Some Topics Concerning Invasive Species JAMES H. BROWN 1 * AND DOV F. SAX 2 1 Department of Biology, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New MexicoUSA. Many invasive species go through a "lag phase" in which their populations grow slowly until they reach a size large enough for the population to explode and/or become adapted to the local environment and become invasive.

AP English Language and Composition The following question is based on the accompanying seven sources. This question requires you to synthesize a variety of sources into a coherent, well-written essay. When you Invasive species are nonnative plants and animals that thrive outside of their natural range and may harm or.

Invasive species essay question
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