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But rapid expansion can be dangerous for organizations who do not handle key issues faced by organizations during growth phase.

The recoverable amount of other intangible assets has been determined based on value in use calculations using the same methodology. The expected useful lives, depreciation method and residual values are examined at the ending of reporting period with the consequence of the changes understood on the Jbhifi accounting basis.

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Depreciation is provided on plant and equipment. Strength and Weakness from Jbhifi accounting Sheet point of View: More essays like this: Leasehold improvements are depreciated over the period of the lease or estimated useful life, whichever is the shorter, using the straight-line method.

Inventory, Accounts Receivables, Cash and equivalents. Moreover, we will analyze strengths and weaknesses of these entities as revealed from Income statement. The recent year under the balances of construction associate to the occupied properties of the owner.

Statement of Comprehensive income contains information relating to the performance of an organization over a specified time period. We offer all our services such as bookkeeping, payroll, and accounting to these specific clients as well.

In this case study there are no properties activities mentioned in the Report.

Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi financial compariosn

Westley Holden 2 years of flawless consultation around the clock, and lots of money saved! Receivables, Inventory, Prepaid Expenses. Purpose of Financial Statements: Bryan Harper I have known Jake since Accrual accounting method is a technique that measures the performance and position of an organization by identifying financial occurrences irrespective of when cash transactions take place.

These are described as follows: Other assets are tested for impairment whenever events or changes in circumstances indicate that the carrying amount may not be recoverable. Properties in the New Zealand possessed by consolidated entity, on any revaluation is computed at the fair value and examined by the independent valuer in relation with statutory requirements of New Zealand.

There is a lot of stores in Australia national wide. Furthermore, discussing different methods adopted by two separate entities to measure Assets and Liabilities.

Main activities comprise of a combined retail, property enterprise and franchising. Care should be taken when making such decisions. Statement of Comprehensive Income: As we know, JB HiFi is a retailing store of home consumer products from stand alone destination sites and shopping centre locations, offering a wide range of leading brands with particular focus on consumer electronics, electrical goods and software including music, games and movies.

Furthermore, financial statements should be understandable by users of financial statements. Current Liabilities of Harvey Norman included items such as Interest bearing loans, Trade and other payables, Current Tax Liability, Borrowings, provisions and other liabilities.

Balance sheet and Income statement is based on Accrual Accounting System. On the other side AASB AASB needs the statements of finance to comprise all four statements such as balance sheet, operating statement, cash flow statement and statement of alterations in the equity.

Graphical presentation is given below. Statement of Cash Flow: Goodwill is not amortised. This consists of investment mainly in securities. One of the most important factors is reliability of financial statements.

Whether it is tax season or off season, we will always find time for new and existing clients. I have found Jake to be a person of integrity and compassion. Along with key strengths and weaknesses demonstrated by the Balance sheet of organizations.

The major reason behind this consistent increase is said to be the consistent advertisement and marketing strategy. They know what it means to work hard and get the job done.

Both JB Hi-Fi Ltd and Harvey Norman are growing actively and have a good expansion strategy and it is evident in all three parts of financial statements discussed above.The company is operating with stores ( Branded JB Hi-Fi) spread across Australia and New Zealand, who’s head office is in Chadstone VICAustralia.

Jb Hifi Accounting Analysis Essay Sample

Major Stakeholder Analysis JB Hi-Fi’s stakeholder group Specific interests of this Assessment of Shareholder value group alignment Customers High quality products with affordable price A wide range of products Convenience location Well customer services and after sale services Loyalty program Decreasing the return rate of bad quality.

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Report on Harvey Norman and JB –Hi –Fi.

The financial report of the JB –Hi Fi indicates that items like advertising expenditure for the initiation of new product and services has been made in accordance with the AASB These methods of measuring assets and liabilities are mentioned in the accounting policies and estimates portion of Annual report of both Harvey Norman Ltd and JB Hi-Fi Ltd.

Harvey Norman Ltd measure its “Investment properties” on Fair Value model, Investment in associate is measured by Equity accounting method which is a. JB Accounting, P.A. is a full-service accounting firm serving clients throughout the Baxter, MN area, dedicated to providing our clients with professional, personalized services and guidance in a wide range of financial and business needs.

Jbhifi accounting
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