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This creates a multi-layer structure for readers and creates a distance between us, as readers, and the experiences of the young Paul. What does Keller learn? Vienna is his place of origin and symbolizes both his musical and historical background. It also gives rise to the gossip that makes him larger than life.

The narrative structure is complex; the author interweaves the story of the young Paul with the recollections of a mature adult. Mysteries surround the identity of Keller who neither confirms nor denies that he is a war criminal. Darwin makes a stark contrast with Vienna because it appears small-town and parochial.

In particular, he does not want him to make the same mistakes as he did. Ironically, though Keller did not profit from the same advice. In this case, Keller challenges his budding prodigy to follow his dream of becoming a concert pianist, but he also encourages him to think about the limits of his talent.

Keller is very lonely and withdrawn and does not communicate well with others, because of his troubled past and his guilt. Vienna is also about grandeur and pomp and ceremony. During a vulnerable moment, he does reveal the names of his wife, Mathilde, and his son Eric.

Keller insists that Paul goes back to basics.

He refused to play for the SS guards in the camp, because he was so ashamed of having played for Hitler. Therefore he warns Paul about excessive arrogance. Creating a difficult but poignant relationship between the maestro and pupil, enables Goldsworthy to explore the paradox of perfection.

In some ways, he sees Paul as a substitute son and tries to help him achieve success in his life.

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As his wife was a Wagnerian specialist, we can understand his aversion to the romantics after her death. It is reflected in the pre- and post war settings of Vienna and Darwin as well as in their dreams as Keller comes to terms with his personal demons and Paul pursues his.

Paul has been conditioned to see himself as a child prodigy and the fact that the maestro withholds praise annoys him. He thought such fame and recognition would protect him but it led to the destruction of his family.

Music becomes a metaphor for life. Paul is infuriated and offended. He is forever haunted by his private performances to Hitler which seemed to lead to the deaths of his family in his absence.

Importance of place Vienna is a place of ambivalence and so reflects Keller and his larger than life personality so perfectly. The two Kellers Paul realizes that there are two different sides to the maestro. Life lessons — Keller also becomes a father figure or mentor to the young Paul As a great teacher, Keller e also instructs Paul about life and encourages him to be a morally decent person.

In life as in music, arrogance can be detrimental. As a mark of his greatness, he tries to deal with his past as honestly as possible and recognizes the consequences of his own pride and arrogance.

He also mentors Paul about the importance of negotiating his life goals and tempering his ambition so as to avoid disappointment and the futility of striving for the unattainable. He knows Paul is clever, but doubts if he has the makings of a genius.

From early on we suspect that the relationship is reciprocal because there is an element of therapy in the teacher. Keller was so disgusted that he became a Jew and ended up in a camp himself. It places Paul on a pedestal and enables his parents to believe that he is a child prodigy.* cost per page: Total Amount: Are you a returning customer?: Yes No I accept terms and conditions: essayMaestro provides custom essay writing/rewriting services inclusive of research and material, for model purposes only.

Mar 01,  · - In Learning about the Maestro, Paul also Learns about himself. Discuss. - Kellers story reveals the darker side of the human experience: Pauls story. Maestro Essay Discuss the ways that composers of text use distinctively visual elements to convey ideas in their texts.

Distinctively visual elements convey concepts and ideas presented by composers in texts which are expressed through the construction of writing within a novel or through symbolic artworks. The Maestro study guide contains a biography of Peter Goldsworthy, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

Essay 5: ‘All of the characters in Maestro experience loneliness and displacement.’ Discuss. 33 Essay 6:eader, in the end, sees Paul and Keller both as egotists ‘The r and as equally unattractive characters.’ Do you agree? 38 Essay 7. Maestro by Peter Goldsworthy Eduard Keller, at the end of Maestro.

Paul also concludes that he was the “worst possible teacher” as well as the best.

Maestro by Peter Goldsworthy

When Paul questions Keller about his photograph on the piano Keller is serious and “proprietorial”. During a vulnerable moment, he does reveal the names of his wife, Mathilde, and.

Maestro essay questions
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