Paper bracelets for events

Our full color printing on White Tyvek Wristbands and black printing on Colored Tyvek Wristbands will turn them into great souvenirs and promotional tools for outdoor events. Our printable Tyvek wristbands are made from high quality DuPont Tyvek Paper that prevents them from water damages, stretches, and tears.

These printable wristbands for events provide high visibility and recognition in a wide variety of colors and patterns to prevent gate crashers. They are durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of a dance club or multi-day, outdoor event.

For short term applications, they provide the maximum security with their security slits and adhesive closures. Since, these wristbands can only be used once and cannot be reapplied after removal; they prevent tampering, copying, and misusing admissions at access gates.

This is why our customers prefer such wristbands for concerts, clubs, conventions and other ticketed events. Significantly increasing the security with consecutive numbers, the Tyvek Wristbands will ensure that your visitors can have systematic access.

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Unlike silicone wristbands, they are also impossible to hand off to other people who may not have paid for their entry. Whether you are looking for custom printed bands for a small private event orbands for a major convention, we have the manufacturing capabilities to meet your needs. You can incorporate custom messages, logos, bar codes, numbers, and unique designs to prevent unauthorized access at your event venue.

Read what Real Customers have to say about their 24HourWristbands. We are one of the largest suppliers of Tyvek and nylon bands in the world. Removing a Tyvek or nylon band requires cutting it or noticeably ruining its shape.

Night clubs often use these bands to distinguish between minors and non-minors, and festivals often use them to distinguish between different tiers of access. At large and small scale event venues, our economical and low priced Custom Tyvek Wristbands will decrease the risk of counterfeit access passes.

We specialize in delivering quickly and at the lowest prices. They are highly popular for theme parks, concerts, campaigns, festivals, bars, casinos, picnics, breweries, and summer camps etc.If you don't need a custom or personalized solution for your events, all of our in-stock wrist bracelets will ship same business day if ordered by P.M.

(CST). That means you can have wrist bands for your event in less than 24 hours. WristCo Super Variety Pack 3/4" Tyvek Wristbands - 9 most popular colors - Ct.

Neon Green, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Gold, Silver Paper Wristbands For Events by Wristco $ $ 11 99 Prime. Tyvek®, or paper wristbands, are durable and perform best when they are used for a short-term event that lasts a day or so.

Tyvek®, or paper wristbands perform so well and offer such an amazing value because they are not only tear-resistant, but waterproof, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. Waterproof security wristbands featuring a self-adhesive tab.

SICURIX® Wristpass™ Security Wristbands are a superior means of admission control.

Brightly colored waterproof wristbands are made from DuPont™ Tyvek®. Each one is perforated and has a one time use, peel off adhesive liner. Event Wristbands. Showing 26 of 26 results that match your query.

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Search Product Result. Blue 3/4" Paper Wristbands ( Count) - Party Supplies. Product Image.


Price $ Lot of Splash Light Blue 3/4" Wristbands Event Admission Wrist Bands, Event wristband tickets By tyrek. Reduced Price. Product Image. Brightly colored waterproof wristbands are made from DuPont™ Tyvek®.

Each one is perforated and has a one time use, peel off adhesive liner.

These bands are perfect for club admission, conventions, parties, bars, crowd control, birthday parties, legal drinking age, festivals, safety and security and school trips.

Paper bracelets for events
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