Radon business plan

A strong desire to save lives and help families with their environmental and building science problems. A lifelong commitment to be the very best.

It is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, radioactive gas, the primary source of ionizing radiation to humans. Start out making a great first impression with business cards, brochures, letterheads, envelopes, invoices, hand outs, forms and scripts all professionally printed and designed just for you, provided before you leave training.

We have built a reputation for being the very best, always being able to correct radon problems when others have failed and the key is training.

Our training program combines classroom with hands on. They vary dependent upon many factors not limited to market size, length of training, competition and how closely you follow our established methods and procedures. Our franchise owners are provided with the most advanced specialized training program ever developed.

Special incentives apply for specific areas. In addition to our superior radon testing and mitigation services, our franchisees are fully trained and equipped to provide any of the following environmental and building science services they choose to provide: There are hundreds of keys to success and you need to know as many as possible if you want to succeed in our industry.

Professional House Doctors, Inc. Definitions Action level - the EPA recommended action level of radon is 4. We pioneered the industry over 20 years ago and remain the leading authority in the United States.

If action levels meet or exceed recommendations by the EPA, this plan provides step-by-step procedures for remediation most importantly relying on proper ventilation.

All aspects of environmental and building sciences are covered in complete detail. The level of radon gas present in an area may pose a health hazard to students and staff alike. Your community needs you now. Estimates are as follows: Our dedicated franchise owners are the most highly trained, highly skilled and best equipped radon specialists in America.

Marketing, sales, customer service, referrals, experience, business management, record keeping, proper equipment and tools, diagnostic capabilities, construction details, patterns, methods and procedures just to name a few. The recommendations in this plan reflect unique aspects of the radon levels typical in Minnesota which may be affected by climate, geology and the lack of ventilation in unused areas, such as crawl spaces, tunnels and below-ground level storage areas and classrooms.

Then do it again until your skill level is perfect. The desire to learn every aspect relating to our chosen fields of expertise.


We have work waiting. This management plan has been written to help the St Cloud School District determine where a radon problem may exist and to provide guidance in steps determine the levels of exposure. Responsibilities include, but are not limited, to: Testing is the only way to determine how much radon is present in the school, though it is estimated that radon levels in schools are relatively low.

We also provide training in every aspect of proper business management specifically tailored for our unique industry.

Certified Businesses and Individuals

Report results to the Department of Health by using forms in Appendix C. Proven patterns and proven techniques equal proven results, every time.In Florida all businesses and individuals offering radon sampling, measurement interpretation, or mitigation services must be certified by the department.

Businesses and Individuals are certified to provide services statewide. Use the following lists to contract for radon services.

Please be sure the selected business certification has not expired, and. Radon Business Application: 06/ 3 j) List of personnel responsible for amending quality assurance plan, and provide a list of recipients to which changes shall be provided.

Application for Registration of a Radon Business Application for Registration of a Radon Business Quality Assurance Plan.

Standard Operating Procedures. Worker Safety Plan. Quality Assurance programs require specific elements. Contact NRSB for further information regarding quality programs. Background & Plan Overview. Radon is a naturally occurring, radioactive gas that enters buildings from surrounding soil.

Federal Radon Action Plan (FRAP)

It is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, radioactive gas, the primary source of ionizing radiation to humans. Radon Testing Plan Waukee Community Schools began limited Radon testing in Our initial effort included six buildings, which at the time represented half of our attendance centers.

the radon measurement business category must prepare and submit to the Radon Section for review and approval a quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) plan for all radon testing services offered to the public.

Radon business plan
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