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They praised me for my brave deed. Scores of holiday-makers were already there. As the excessive water in his stomach came out through his mouth, he opened his eyes. I went to her and asked her the reason for her being so miserable. However,dad successfully saved the boy. We too spread our carpet and began to enjoy the scene of the rushing waters of the Jamuna.

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Besides, it was high tide and the waves were increasing their furious thrusts onto the swimmers. I know how to swim. Soon we got ready. Thank God who gave me enough courage to save the boy?

I was now myself again. Everyone had a hearty meal. I made for the bank as best as I could.

Essay on bravery – The Rescue of a drowning boy

Though several years have passed since the incident took place but the memory is still fresh in my mind. He began to drag him towards the bank.

Robert Kennedy Saved from Drowning Essay

As I cast my glance there, to my horror, I found a child drowning in the canal. Soon I noticed that a few naughty young boys turned to be noisy and started splashing water on one another. Soon he was restored to life. The river water was flowing in full speed this time.

Artificial respiration was given. It had come from the canal side. My parents decided to bring us for an outing to relieve my stress during the year end holidays besides fostering our family bond.

A little carelessness sometimes may cause great loss. My friends surrounded me. At last I reached the bank thoroughly exhausted.

I still remember this incident. My parents felt proud of me and they also patted on my back. His mother was happily enjoying the fun. To my surprise I found that some of my friends from Chandigarh had come. Suddenly we saw a young man of hardly twenty-five swimming across the water and proceeding towards the child.

Out of nowhere,my father jumped into the sea and swam towards the drowned boy. The college boys also thanked me. The mother rushed to her child.In the following essay, Trachtenberg discusses the "Marivaudian being" as it relates to "Robert Kennedy Saved from Drowning." The "Marivaudian being" is a term invented by the eighteenth-century French dramatist Pierre Marivaux.

- Drowning is the second leading cause of injury deaths of infants and children younger than 15 years old in the United States. I know many of you may have small children and relatives so this may be of some interest to you. I doubted that this was going to be anything like what Henry David Thoreau intended in his essay “Walking,” when.

Essay on bravery – The Rescue of a drowning boy. Article shared by. It was a holiday. I was still in bed when there was a knock at the door. Other boys were busy in rendering first-aid to the boy whom I had saved.

He was given artificial respiration. The boy recovered his senses in about half-an-hour. Essay on An Accident in which I.

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We will write a custom essay sample on The Friend Who Saved My Life specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now The weather was starting to get windy and the waves were getting very choppy.

We were still really far out into the water and exhausted from being out there all day but hell we weren’t going to let a little bad. My essay (Saving a drowning boy) It was a boiling day that could roast someone. Jumong decided to go for a swim to chill himself.

How I saved a drowning child essay

When he reached his destination, he dived into the cool, crystal water. Then the other boy who was watching him laughed at him, so Jumong went after him. It was soon found out that the boy could not swim properly but. How I saved a drowning child essay: Children are playful by nature.

They can not sit quietly even for a moment. To play in water is their favorite sport. When they happen to play in a river their joy knows no bounds.

It was the occasion of Ganga Dashera in the month of June All the member of my family went to Rajghat to have a dip in the .

Saved from drowning essay
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