The best leader i have known

A lunch and learn with the team during an office visit. Mahatma Gandhi led India against the tyrannical rule of the Britishers. When I presented stupid ideas and I know I didhe was very diplomatic and asked questions until I too realized how bad they were.

He Was Invested in Me — He was a catalyst for my continued learning and development. He kept track of all his people. His fortes were his foresight, vision and military capabilities. His political knowledge, yearning to never stop are characteristics that every true leader longs to have.

While he is a very successful and well know regional economist, you would never know it to meet him. For his actions, he served a long prison sentence but even that did not deter him. Next time dinner is on me. He was eventually assassinated by his friend Brutus.

He was a trained doctor and a guerilla warfare leader. I was tempted by an offer or two on our journey together and he always made The best leader i have known strong enough case to convince me to stay. Nobody was on the chopping block for making a mistake.

His vision, courage and strategic analytic reasoning has gotten Cuba where it stands today. His commitment to success was less about him and very much about creating something unique, special and sustainable for the people who were investing their time and talent into the organization.

He was also a member of the clergy. He too has great conquests and his empire was almost the entire Indian sub-continent. A dream for change and a dream for better tomorrow.

I would constantly leverage his vision as a source of inspiration for our sales organization. Contact us for programming inquiries and assistance determining the curriculum that could best support your learning and development objectives.

Civil disobedience movements, boycotts of foreign goods etc is show he showed his resistance towards the British. After finishing his education as a doctor, he took a trip across South America with his friend and it was on the trip that he thought of a revolution, having seen the sorry state of the people in every country.

9 Leadership Lessons from the Best Boss I Ever Had

Now of course, such a list is always subjective. Popular Posts in Leadership. He withheld the Japanese invasion, kick-started the economy of China and helped it become the super-power it is today. The friendship transcended business and served to reinforce my commitment to him as my CEO.

I felt empowered in my work and was afforded the autonomy to make my own meaningful contribution and imprint on the business.

This is what I loved about working for him: Yes, he wanted to win. He was a true Collaborative Leader. April 2, at 3: He created opportunity to help me contribute more to the business. I still miss his Good News Friday weekly update. Good bosses can be great role models and provide us with a positive example of what effective leadership looks like.

It was certainly not the boss leaving, but the patriarch of our work family. He cared about the culture of the company he was leading and worked tirelessly to continue making it our competitive advantage.

His decisiveness, abilities to out-wit his opponents made it possible for him to gain a strong following.In my mind, the best leader I have known is late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, ex President of India. His work had three different phases - scientist, politics and educationist. He dedicated his life and work to enhance India’s image in Space and Defence R.

Top 15 Greatest Leaders of All Time

5 Describe the best leader you have known How did this leader acquire his or from BUSINESS at El Centro College%(2). Oct 14,  · America's Best Leaders. More. The Latest.

The GOP Can Do Better Than O'Donnell. Saturday Night Live doesn't have to write a sketch this week. They can just run clips from the debate. But most important of all was the evolution of the club’s president for baseball operations, Theo Epstein, the wunderkind executive who realized he would need to grow as a leader.

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Theo Epstein

1. Describe the best leader you have actually known. How did this leader acquire his or%(10). Who was the best leader you've ever known and why?

What made them great?: With all the talk of toxic leadership, it seems there isn't enough talk about the other kind. That ONE leader who is the example that you looked at and wanted to be like.

My first Battalion Commander, my third Company Commander both of those guys fit the bill. .

The best leader i have known
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