Too little freedom leads to frustation and too much brings chaos and confusion

They prefer to be moved by inspiration rather than time constraints. The ideal balance of Apollonian and Dionysian energies is not a happy medium between the two. Some experience the need for order in terms of schedules and careful planning.

For me, when I have nothing but time on my hands, I get antsy. Hmm strange now I see why some countries would rather have less freedoms. Too much of anything life-enhancing can become harmful.

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One piece of cake is good, but eating a whole cake at once, or having cake delivered every morning? I think the US suffers a severe illusion of freedom.

More than anything else, most people who are attracted to the ideas of this blog want freedom of their own. Our culture is founded on Apollonian values of order; yet, we see many Dionysian eruptions of excessive release.

We accept a right to private property, but in doing so we lose the right to take what we want. Too much freedom with spending can lead to financial ruin; too many missed appointments leads to loss of work and friends.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the U. Some experience a need for order in terms of their physical surroundings, requiring that everything in the home and the office be clean, neat, and organized.

Japanese internment continued under our democracy.

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Relationships When both partners favor freedom excessively, the relationship may start with great fervor and passion, but over time, can disintegrate into chaos and disappointment. The freedom that we achieve allows us to move to higher planes of mission and purpose.

A society with too much freedom will eventually corrupt itself. Though I sort of disagree with him, even then. Apollo represents order, light, music, and rationality, while Dionysius the god of wine represents revelry and release of inhibitions. They might want to be generous or buy something because it delights them despite the condition of their finances.

Freedom Lover On the other hand, those who favor freedom value creativity, spontaneity, and reject being encumbered by rigid structures of schedules, budgets, house-cleaning, or conventional rules.

After a while, though, this kind of freedom can itself feel stifling. For me, everything began with the notion of freedom—the ability to determine the course of my daily schedule and overall life direction.

They want the ability to make their own choices and determine how they live their lives. When others can no longer count on you, their disappointment saps some of that sought-for joy of life.

Others are concerned that their roles in relationship are well defined. When partners polarize, favoring opposite values, there is either great dissension or passive resignation to their differences. You wake up and wander out into the day with no obligations or expectations.

Freedom is the opportunity to choose our own future, but choose we must. Life ebbs and flows, and the appropriate proportion of control and release, which depends on all the surrounding circumstances, is in constant flux.

At work, for instance, being on time for appointments is generally preferable to a come-as-you-please attitude. When both partners favor order excessively, the relationship may look good from the outside nice house, good jobs, money in the bankbut it may become sterile and lifeless on the inside.

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Finally, order may be experienced as a need to clearly understand the world around us. Liberty at a certain level becomes a trade off. Different types of Order Order and freedom are two of many deep-seated needs that often conflict with one another. For instance, when one person understands the depth of the need for order and the fear of chaos underlying the desire for a spotless house, she can approach her partner with understanding of that need, while attempting to point out her need for a little looseness and relaxation.

Freedom is still extremely important to me. I think that most of us want freedom to create, to make something meaningful. Perhaps he meant corrupt in a legal sense? If you are used to buying dinner for everyone and buying what you like on a whim, try restraining yourself now and then.

Thus, people tend to favor one to the exclusion of the other.Proclus was covered with confusion, but still seemed half incredulous. "He hadn't long to live, anyway," answered the marshal in some confusion.

Sidney arrived a little after six, and from that moment the confusion in the sick-room was at an end. Confusion Quotes. Quotes tagged as "confusion" (showing of ) they say afterwards, it must have been fate.

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People are always a little confused about this, as they are in the case of miracles. When someone is saved from certain death by a strange concatenation of circumstances, they say that's a miracle.

“People don't expect too. Too much freedom can allow you to infringe on the freedom of another person. This often takes the form of endangering the person’s safety, which is a violation of his right to be safe and protected.

I'd argue the principal reason we have limits on our rights is to protect us from others and to. Later in the same dissent he cites Lord Russell: "The problem, like all those with which we are concerned, is one of balance; too little liberty brings stagnation, and too much brings chaos." Mr.

Justice Jackson adds: "Perhaps it is the fever of our times that inclines the Court to favor chaos. Freedom is the ability to make choices and be responsible for our choices. Those that said there can be too much freedom, sounds more like hidden jealousy to me.

It seems to me that your “cake” is “free time” and having too much or too little free time is a problem. “Freedom aggravates as much as it alleviates frustration. “I have an idea that the only thing which makes it possible to regard this world we live in without disgust is the beauty which now and then men create out of the chaos.

The pictures they paint, the music they compose, the books they write, and the lives they lead. Of all .

Too little freedom leads to frustation and too much brings chaos and confusion
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