Victorian period a time of

Victorian era

After this, Bazalgette designed the Thames Embankment which housed sewers, water pipes and the London Underground.

Feudalism[ edit ] The Third Stage: Geologic Time Periods[ edit ] Main articles: However, a disastrous retreat from Kabul in the same year led to the annihilation of a British army column in Afghanistan.

The natural, unrestrained market forces will create monopolies from the most successful commercial entities. Trevelyan similarly called the "mid-Victorian decades of quiet politics and roaring prosperity". The first quarter of the 19th century involved numerous experiments with locomotives and rail technology.

Politics were important to the Victorians; they believed in the perfection of their evolved representative government, and in exporting it throughout the British Empire.

She remained there as an Adjunct Professor of History for eight years. All is shared by the tribe to ensure its survival. During —8, an uprising by sepoys against the East India Company was suppressed, an event that led to the end of Company rule in India and the transferral of administration to direct rule by the British government.

Capitalism[ edit ] Capitalism may be considered The Fourth Stage in the sequence. Conditions of the working class were still bad, though, through the century, three reform bills gradually gave the vote to most males over the age of twenty-one.

History in Focus

First was the rapid rise of the middle class, in large part displacing the complete control long exercised by the aristocracy. Evangelicals and utilitarians shared a basic middle-class ethic of responsibility, and formed a political alliance.

The formula was inquiry, legislation, execution, inspection, and report. Second the spiritual reform closely linked to evangelical Christianity, including both the Nonconformist sects, such as the Methodists, and especially the evangelical or Low Church element in the established Church of England, typified by Lord Shaftesbury — Britain now had had the model for the world in a well integrated, well-engineered system that allowed fast, cheap movement of freight and people, and which could be replicated in other major nations.

The name sake of this period was hardly a prude, but having said that, it is necessary to understand that the strictures and laws for 19th Century Society were so much more narrow and defined that they are today, that we must see this era as very codified and strict.

The Victorian Age

It proved a very happy marriage, whose children were much sought after by royal families across Europe. Minor reforms followed in and Gambling at cards in establishments popularly called casinos was wildly popular during the period: They encouraged hard work, respectability, social deference and religious conformity.

In the late 19th century, the New Dissenters mostly switched to the Liberal Party.


The home became a refuge from the harsh world,; middle-class wives sheltered their husbands from the tedium of domestic affairs. Nonconformist ministers in their own chapels were allowed to marry couples if a registrar was present. Britain was the first country to undergo the Demographic transition and the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions.The Victorian era is generally agreed to stretch through the reign of Queen Victoria ().

It was a tremendously exciting period when many artistic styles, literary schools, as well as, social, political and religious movements flourished. The mid-Victorian period was also a time when the British empire truly expanded around the globe (Australia, Canada, and India, for example)―all part and parcel of the prosperity made possible by the industrial revolution.

Article Overview of the Victorian Era. by Anne Shepherd. Queen Victoria () was the first English monarch to see her name given to the period of her reign whilst still living ().The Victorian Age was characterised by rapid change and developments in nearly every sphere - from advances in medical, scientific and technological knowledge to changes.

List of time periods

The Victorian Period revolves around the political career of Queen Victoria. She was crowned in and died in Explore the Victorians and discover facts about their houses, clothes, inventions and health. What were the major events of Queen Victoria's reign?. Victorian era (United Kingdom, – ); British hegemony () much of world, around the same time period.

Edwardian era (United Kingdom, – ) First and Second World Wars (–).

Victorian period a time of
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