We should forgive and forget essay

It feels wonderful when a person is at peace with anyone not have to live each day of their lives worrying what a person has done to them. The amount of anger however, depends on how long you have avoided that person.

To forgive we must release the person and not worry about or focus on how they will pay for their bad acts. Let your life will be full of good people and friends and always do good for people and never mind what they do according to you. As much as possible, we should forget what is behind and strive toward what is ahead Philippians 3: After all he was ready to receive revenge, but not forgiveness and kindness.

When he goes to the rock, he still has anger to take out on the rock meaning that not even reliving yourself takes away all the anger.

Forgive and Forget Essay Sample

Do not be a victim, walk away from being controlled and forgive people. Moreover, for how long can you react to people opinion about your life? And Allah is forgiving, merciful. Neither does the rock method, as you will soon find out.

Forgive and Forget

Well, here again it is not as simple as the definition of forgetting — failing to recall, remember or think of. Meaning, the previous anger comes back if the cause of your anger upsets you after they have said sorry.


This can work out either fabulously or horribly. I am cheerful by nature, I rarely take offense, but if I offend someone I prefer to ask for forgiveness right away. We should not seek revenge and we should not shun them.

But it is very easy to understand whether you have forgiven a person or not. But God is still all-knowing. Let us all think back to how often we have done so.

This process takes his mind off the anger, technically ignoring it. Is forgiveness dependent on forgetting?Sep 06,  · FORGIVENESS - Is it really that hard to Forgive someone?

by Arawwr we forgive because it leads to a healthier. The fact that we do not truly forget what has happened once we forgive means that there will always be the thought of that event in the back of our minds.

Should we forgive and forget?

If a sibling hurts you, but then apologizes, each time you see them there will be that memory and you will silently forgive them again for their regretful actions. You should forgive, but never forget the lesson learnt from pain.

Why Forgiving is Sometimes Important: 10 Reasons

Each day gives us a chance to learn something, few become moral values and some lead you a better life. To my consent, Here are 10 reasons you should let the resentment go and forgive.

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The Bible says that Jesus taught us to pray like this: “Forgive us for the wrong things that we do. Other people do wrong things to us. But we know that we.

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We should forgive and forget essay
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